About Eupa


EUPA TOOLS Enterprise was founded in February 1985,the main business service is exporting forming molds of screws and screw-caps. To meet with European customers’demands in technology advancement and industrial?upgrading, our products are now mostly used in sophisticated auto industry. Due to the feedback and technological accumulation from our screw-cap factory,we are consistently increasing the mold working life and reducing unnecessary cost to promote the competitiveness of both parties.

Since 2010,the factory has been advancing to modern technology. The factory has since purchased new devices like CNC integrated center processors, CNC lathes and the numerical
control EDMs. We collocate the rapid precision machinery with seasoned technicians of decades of related experience to meet the increasingly strict demands in auto and aerospace industry,targeting to lower the costs,increase the production,shorten the delivery and promote the precision of the products.

Since the foundation of EUPA TOOLS Enterprise, it has provided clients with quality products and sophisticated techniques through perfect product manufacturing process and quality
control as well as the establishment of ISO9001 quality management system. EUPA TOOLS Enterprise always holds the belief of learning,renovation and increasing competitiveness.In order to achieve the win-win target,EUPA keeps growing with its staff and clients at the same time.